Beautiful wine from a beautiful villa.

Adrienne and Marino


     Marino is a first-generation Italian-American with strong roots to his family heritage.  When he was young his grandfather, Cerino (Charlie), and father, Guido, taught him how to handcraft wine.  He has been making wine ever since.  Although Marino's wine making craft is family taught, he did continue his study  of viniculture at the University of California at Davis.  


     Adrienne is the strength behind the scenes at Gran Sasso Vigna.  She is in  charge of the less glamorous, but necessary facets of the vineyard. Adrienne is also an artisan baker.  She was taught to bake by her mother, Eloise, when she was young. Adrienne invents bread and pastry recipes as part of her craft and continues her education whenever possible.  Adrienne is a graduate of the San Francisco Baking Institute's Artisan Baking Course.

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